2016 Shelby GT350 Mustang

Ford Mustang Sales Down Slightly in June

Jul 05, 2016Comments off

Ford Motor company has released its June Ford Mustang sales figures. This past June the company sold 9,776 of its iconic pony cars. That’s a 16

2016 Mustang GT Convertible Equipped with the California Special Package

Ford Mustang Remains King of Pony Car Sales...

Jun 01, 2016Comments off

While sales were down for the Ford Mustang this past May, the car is still the king. In all, Ford sold 10,327 Mustangs in May,

Ford Mustang Indy 500 Pace Cars

The Ford Mustang is No Stranger to the Indy...

May 27, 2016Comments off

Ford Mustang Indy 500 Pace Cars In looking back over the years, the Ford Mustang has had the honor of pacing Indianapolis Motor Speedway more than