Officially Licensed Eleanor Mustang Fastbacks Now Available

January 3, 2018
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Fusion Motor Company is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanors — as seen in the movie starring Nicholas Cage. Possibly one of the most famous cars in the world, Eleanor is one of the only vehicles to be trademarked as an actual movie character. Gone in 60 Seconds co-producer Denise Halicki — whose late husband, H.B. “Toby” Halicki, created the original movie in 1974 — awarded the exclusive Eleanor license to Fusion Motor Company after seeing the company’s world-class manufacturing operation.

Photo Courtesy of Fusion Motor Company

Each Eleanor is methodically handcrafted in Fusion’s state-of-the-art 74,000 square-foot engineering and fabrication facility. The process begins with a titled 1967-1968 Mustang Fastback. Once the Mustang is stripped, its body is bolted to a frame fixture. Fusion squares up the shell by adding a rear crossmember and other reinforcements.

Paint and body are the most time-consuming parts of the process. To overcome body-accessory cracks, Fusion manufactures spoilers and splitters in-house from carbon-fiber. Eleanor buyers can also upgrade to carbon-fiber hoods and trunk lids.

Modern LED lighting is used throughout. The lights look period-correct when off but are infinitely brighter than the original offerings.

Underneath, the independent front suspension is upgraded with an aluminum sub-frame and tubular control arms with coilover shocks.

The rear suspension is a custom multi-link setup with coil springs flanking a Ford 9-inch axle. Wilwood disc brakes with 6-piston calipers stop each corner. Customers can choose a standard rear tire package with high-performance Z-rated 275/45R17 Nitto NT555s or opt for maximum traction with fat, sticky 315/35R17 Nitto NT555s (which requires tubbing the rear wheelwells). Front tires are 245/45R17 Nitto NT555s.

Five different Roush V-8 engines are offered, ranging up to a 750-hp supercharged 427 cubic-inch V-8.

On the outside, the most popular paint scheme is true-to-the-movie Pepper Grey with black stripes. However, Fusion offers several other color combinations well as numerous comfort/ convenience upgrades.

Photo Courtesy of Fusion Motor Company

Each Eleanor is built to order. For more information about one of the world’s most famous star-cars, please contact Fusion Motor Company, (818)
Source: Fusion Motor Company

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