Zero to 60 Designs today introduced the world to the groundbreaking 2017 GTT at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nev.

The Zero to 60 GTT: Ford GT Meets Iconic Mustang

October 28, 2016
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Zero to 60 Designs introduced the world to the groundbreaking 2017 GTT at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nev. The GTT pays homage to one of the world’s most legendary and iconic supercar nameplates: Ford’s all-new 2017 GT. The Zero to 60 Designs GTT will be featured in the SCT Performance Booth (Booth #61018) booth at SEMA. GTT stands for Grand Turismo Tribute and the vehicle was conceived by automotive designer and lead fabricator on the GTT, Kenny Pfitzer. Showing a striking resemblance to the Ford GT, this all-new muscle car was designed with production in mind and Zero to 60 Designs will begin production in early 2017.


  • Zero to 60 Designs World Debut: the 2017 GTT (Never-Before-Seen)
  • 800+ Horsepower Production Vehicle
  • Goes On-Sale Fall 2016
  • Zero to 60 Launches Five Vehicles at SEMA:
    • 2017 GTT (SCT Booth #12339)
    • 2017 Toyota Tundra (LINE-X Booth #31107)
    • 2017 Alkane Dominator (LINE-X Booth #31107)
    • 1975 Ford Bronco (SEMA LTAA Booth #34183)
    • 2017 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate Offroad (LINE-X Booth #31107)

The GTT, designed and built entirely at Zero to 60 Design’s facility in Corona, Calif., represents the next generation in timeless muscle cars. With an aggressive stance married with a sleek American-themed design, there is simply no other vehicle like the GTT on the market. Purpose built, the GTTis not just another pretty show car; both track ready and programmed for all-out competition performance, the GTT is also a comfortable touring sports car ready for a road trip to Vegas.

“Zero to 60 sought to create an aspirational vehicle that demonstrates the performance, control, and excitement that is possible with a modern muscle car,” said Kenny Pfitzer, CEO, Zero to 60. “We have poured our passion and innovation into the GTT in an effort to deliver a truly amazing driving experience, and we’re honored to present the Production Prototype of our car at the SEMA Show.”

Although fabricator and custom car builder Kenny Pfitzer launched Zero to 60 Designs in 2016 with his business partner Gerry Marron, Kenny has been in the industry for 20 years with more than 500 vehicle builds under his belt. Zero to 60 is a premiere design studio which is set to be one of America’s most creative automotive and architectural design houses in the country. Its mission is simple: to build the world’s most exciting vehicles faster and more efficiently than anyone else. Zero to 60 Designs not only engineers and fabricates vehicles from the ground up, but is also a development studio for large scale custom builds and will also serve as a professional creative lab for automotive OEMS. Kenny’s background as a former fabricator at Metal Crafters USA, former Operations Manager at West Coast Customs and former COO for Foose Designs has helped him perfect his skills in the art of automotive design. He is one of the most sought after car builders in the business and is deeply involved with all of the vehicles designed, engineered and produced by Zero to 60.


Exterior Design

Timeless and elegant, handcrafted to perfection. There is no other vehicle in the market with design cues like the Zero to 60 GTT. The GTT was sketched, designed and conceived by Zero to 60 Designs. The physical molds were milled in-house by Zero to 60’s team of skilled engineers. The team set out to develop an exterior design that challenges contemporary automotive design by marrying the best looks of an American supercar in the Ford GT, with the chassis of America’s most iconic muscle car, the Ford Mustang.

As a production vehicle, the GTT’s pedigree is built on industry partners that have come together to deliver the very best in all-out touring performance and enhance the exterior quality. The exterior paint on the Mustang is of the highest in quality and was meticulously sprayed in-house at Zero to 60 Designs in their paint studio. Zero to 60 selected PPG Professional Paints to ensure the look was not only clean, but helped set this GTT apart. And having a clean look from the very front of the GTT to the rear, Zero to 60 tied in the elegant look of the GTT by adding Solar Gard window protection and tinting to the vehicle, finalizing its look.


Zero to 60 chose ProCharger as its official supercharger partner to deliver both power and efficiency and SCT Performance to provide optimized programming for a wide range of driving conditions. Mated with the Ford Mustang GT 5.0L, 32V, DOHC Coyote V8, when run at full throttle, the motor produces more than 800 horsepower. More importantly, the drivetrain ramps to full power in just seconds—about the time it takes you to blink—and further redefines how a raw performance vehicle can respond to the commands of the driver. With the ProCharger Supercharger providing so much added horsepower to the GTT, it was imperative that Zero to 60 use the best programming solution in the market. The SCT PerformanceProgramming now allows both Zero to 60 and inevitably the customer, the ability to tune their GTT to their exact driving needs.

Achieving the right exhaust note with the GTT was critical for the build. Zero to 60 had many options as to who to select for an exhaust partner, but the answer was quite simple. It had to be Magnaflow dual flow exhaust.



All-out performance was a must! Zero to 60 set out to create a performance vehicle that was both track and street ready. To accomplish this, the partners associated with this vehicle had to represent the very best in automotive engineering. The GTT stands on HRE Performance  P204 Brushed Titanium wheels and mounted on Pirelli P-Zero 22×9.5 (front) and 22×11 (rear). Stopping power for the GTT was paramount. Zero to 60 selected Brembo as its official production partner. The suspension system has to be both responsive on the track, but comfortable for the street. Zero to 60 chose the Eibach Pro-Street-S suspension system.


Every aspect of the Coupe’s interior was designed to create a more direct and immediate connection between machine and driver. From the cockpit, the driver has access to a wide range of controls and information systems. Classic gauges are surrounded by a carbon fiber dash and carbon fiber inlays. Leather is pronounced and wraps the driver with the feeling of pure adrenaline. Custom seats hug the driver and screams both comfort and control.

“Our motivation to design and build our cars is based on our passion to build the very best vehicles in the market. Having been associated with project builds for nearly 25 years, I am also proud to have ventured out to create this new brand,” Pfitzer continued. “Simply put, we can do things with vehicles that can’t be replicated by a lot of other shops. When we have a vision, we can not only engineer and build it, but we can do it faster than anyone else.

Each Coupe is built at Zero to 60’s design studio in Corona, Calif. The talented and experienced team of designers, engineers, and technicians at Zero to 60 are proud to share the Coupe Production Prototype with the world and are looking forward to entering the final stages of the car’s development program.

Zero to 60 brings the GTT to limited series production in 2017. Pre-sales will commence at this year’s SEMA Show. Initial sales are targeted for the U.S. Zero to 60 will be announcing its partnership with a series of Ford dealerships in the Southern California region in early 2017. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but will come just in time for Christmas!

In addition to the debut of the world-class GTT, Zero to 60 is also showcasing four other custom SEMA vehicles spread throughout the show. Each of these high-profile builds, which include a prototype off-road OEM production vehicle, a fully-customized 2017 Toyota Tundra (LINE-X Booth #31107), a fully restored 1975 Ford Bronco (SEMA LTAA Booth #34183), the North American debut of the Alkane

Dominator Search and Rescue vehicle (LINE-X Booth #31107), and a reinvisioned Hyundai Tuscon customized into the ultimate off-road monster (LINE-X Booth #31107), represent the tremendous creative design skills and expansive in-house fabrication capabilities of Zero to 60.

* Zero to 60 doesn’t represent Ford Motor Company and isn’t working with Ford Motor Company. The design, development and engineering of this vehicle inspire and are not intended to misrepresent any relationship with Ford. Zero to 60 intends to sell this vehicle.

Zero to 60 Designs, a Southern California design studio, is driven to create the world’s most exciting vehicles and architectural elements. With a complete in-house design, engineering and fabrication team, Zero to 60 prides itself on developing truly iconic and timeless vehicles. Their debut offering, the GTT, sets a new benchmark in the performance car segment.

Jonathan Lamas has a passion for the Ford Mustang that spans more than 30 years. In addition to his work as an automotive journalist, Jonathan has spent quality seat time in countless Mustangs as both an owner and an enthusiast. He's also a member of the Mustang Club of American. He's owned more than a dozen Mustangs over the years, and is the proud owner of a 2008 Bullitt Mustang.

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